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Welcome to Churrasco Steak House Liverpool

to Churrasco Steakhouse, Aigburth. Positioned on the foot of lark lane on Aigburth road Churrasco Steakhouse has emerged as one of Liverpool’s leading Steak Houses. Churrasco Steakhouse believes in top quality produce and homemade recipes, making sure there is nothing like us around.

Much More than just Steak…

The name Steak House doesn’t just mean all we do is Steak. We have developed a menu which ticks all the boxes. Burgers, Halloumi, Chicken, Poussin, Prawns, Salmon, Small Plates, Ribs, amazing street food and of course Steak. Catering for Vegetarian and Vegan too.

To speak to one of our team give us a call right now on 0151 727 4026 or email us on


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A full allergy and calorie menu can be found upon request. All of our steaks are finished with garlic butter.

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Kitchen Opening hours

Monday - closed
Tuesday 5pm-9pm
Wednesday 5pm-9pm
Thursday 5pm-9pm
Friday 2pm-10pm
Saturday 10am-10pm
Sunday 10am-8.30pm

The bar will be open upto an hour after these hours

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